Healing Art

Art & Consciousness class
Healing Art, Personalized Oracle Readings and Healing Mantras.

Personalized Oracle Readings give insights into your past, present and future through intuitive and SRT insights.

Healing Mantras will guide you through conscious use of mantras to induce healing.

Contemplation of the healing art pieces while reading or uttering the mantras is recommended.
Our reading are a personalized interpretations of the extremely accurate information gathered by our group of trained oracle readers. The readings are tools of empowerment and self-knowledge.

The readings only serve to represent the likely outcome of situations when individuals continue as they have without changing their behavior.

We always possess free will: if the outcome presented in a reading is not desired, a clear idea will be delivered to change and thus shift fate.

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All oracle readings are for entertainment only. In the case of questions regarding physical illness, and financial or legal issues, please remember there’s no substitute for consulting an appropriate professional.

By Artz